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This is my demo

Commercial Demo2016

This is me

Hi, I'm Brandon. I went to school for way too long and got a couple of degrees just to throw it all away to make noise for a living. That's what makes me "uber regular." Plus, I'm a really nice guy. I'll even give you a ride to the studio. Oh...wait. That's the other Uber.

Anywho, I'm great! But don't take my word for it, go listen to my demo. Though I guess that's still taking my word for it in a way... since it's me saying words... whatever, I don't know, just listen to the demo.

They liked my uber regular-ness... you will too

This is what I do

Folks call on me when they need a laid-back, funny, regular-sounding guy voiceover. And if need be, I can bring on the snarky, irreverent, millenial-ness for uber current voice projects. Just like Bill Hader, I have a wide vocal range for video games 

and character voiceovers too!

I'm a vocal dead-ringer
for Bill Hader
Available for ADR and
sound-a-like work.
Professional Home Studio*
*ISDN /SourceConnect available upon request
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